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Howard Leonhardt the Founder of Leonhardt’s Launchpads began serving on the University of Northern California Board of Trustees in 2000, shortly after his company World Medical Manufacturing Corporation merged with Arterial Vascular Engineering of Santa Rosa in April of 1998.  The University of Northern California is a private university specializing in life sciences with a focus on biomedical engineering.  In 2006 as a UNC Board Member he suggested that they form a life science and biomedical engineering incubator and research center focused on matching the UNC Ph.D. students with startups.  This launched fully in late 2007 and early 2008 at the University of Northern California Scientic & Technology Center, UNC STIC for short.   That year they enrolled their first incubator class of Sapheon Medical (super glue and micro catheter for treating varicose veins), Osseon (deflecting tip micro needle catheter and bone cement for treating spine and back disorders) and TissueGen (electrical stimulation acupuncture and stem cell injections for treating joint pain and arthritis).  In late 2009 they formed Leonhardt’s Launchpads within UNC STIC to be able to incubate and accelerate additional startups.  A grand opening was held in 2010 (see press below).  In 2012 they added the support services of Cal-X Crowdfund Connect to help startups  in the incubator crowdfund startup seed stage capital.  In 2013 Howard Leonhardt recommended at a UNC board meeting that the startup incubating portion of UNC STIC move to the SocoNexus iHub Incubator in Rohnert Park (just outside of Santa Rosa – very near the campus of Sonoma State University) to be elbow to elbow with many support services available in the building and to leverage the State of California iHub grant supported programs present and the UNC board took his recommendation.

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Leonhardts Launchpads

Leonhardt's Launch Pads is an accelerator which helps serious entrepreneurs bring their innovations to the world. We offer access to mentors and advisers, introductions to investors, incubator space, connections to local talent/resources, and a year round program to help these companies grow.