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The Northern California Science & Technology Innovation Center (UNC STIC) operated by the University of Northern California Foundation is an independent and nonprofit biomedical research organization whose focus is to better understand, prevent, treat and cure cardiovascular, vision, joint and neurological conditions such as heart failure, vision loss, knee, hand & elbow pain and brain trauma injuries and disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. UNC STIC researchers study these diseases using techniques of basic and translational science.  Another focus at the UNC STIC is building on the breakthrough development of stem cell based organ regeneration technologies including those driven and directed by bioelectric stimulation and electro-acupuncture. 

Founded in 2000, UNC STIC is affiliated with the University of Northern California  (founded 1994) – – and its Science and Technology Innovation Center incubator (UNC STIC) – located one hour north of San Francisco in Rohnert Park, California.   UNC STIC began incubating startups in 2008 and has had a phenomenal record of success.  UNC STIC will host Ph.Ds, Masters, Under Graduate Biomedical Engineering and BioTechnology Engineering Certificate Program students as well as startups from the Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal and UNC STIC incubator(s) to move forward collaborative research.   

The UNC STIC is led by an experienced Board of Directors with significant experience in bringing life saving medical products from concept phase to leadership positions in healthcare saving and improving millions of lives –

University of Northern California Science and Technology Innovation Center Areas of Research Focus:

1.  Heart and cardiovascular disease – heart, heart valve, biological pacemaker, artery and aorta regeneration. 

2.  Brain trauma + stroke recovery and treatment of neurological disorders including memory enhancement – brain regeneration. 

3.  Vision recovery – eye regeneration. 

4.  Joint pain recovery – joint = knee, elbow, hands regeneration.

5.  Stem cell regeneration and repair of organs and tissues including hair, pancreas, kidney, liver, skin, bladder and more. 

6.  Bioelectric stimulation and electroacupuncture technologies for organ regeneration, pain management and tissue healing + more. 

UNC STIC’s life science incubator is supported in part by the advisory board and staff of Leonhardt Ventures and its holdings Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal,  Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc., CalXelerator* – see 108 day startup launch program details below, Cal-X Crowdfund Connect* – see details below,  LABioHub, Startup California and Kindheart Lionheart Startup Media Support Services –

Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars 80 Person Business Advisory Board

Leonhardt Ventures’ Cal-X Stars 35 Person Scientific Advisory Board

University of Northern California

Science & Technology Innovation Center

1300 Valley House Dr, Suite # 100-27

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

(707) 664-6365

Website: +

Contact:  Dr. Y. King Liu –

Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal

@ University of Northern California Science & Technology Innovation Center 

1300 Valley House Dr, Suite # 100-27

Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Contact:  Howard Leonhardt – 

Cell:  954 401 0096 

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Cal-Xelerator 108 Days from Create to Great Program! – Startup or New Product Launch Program – Utilized at Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal and UNC STIC Incubator Programs

Week 1

1.  Does your product or service have a clear value proposition?  What do customers receive in exchange for buying your product and how is that better than their other similar choices?  What problem does your product solve?

a.  What is the primary benefit of your product?

b.  What is an important secondary benefit of your product?

c.  What the the main objections to purchasing your product and what are the top three ways you can overcome those ojbections?

d.  Why should someone buy this product NOW?

3.  What can you add to make this product or service even more compelling?

2.  What bonuses, incentives, rewards are you going to give to your early believers, supporters and customers to gain their help to spread the good wood about your company’s products?

3.  Develop your company logo.

a.  Wait to file a trademark registration until after you are sure your company is a viable business opportunity.

4.  Develop your company mission statement – no more than 140 characters,

5.  Define and refine your first product offering.

a.  Do your first patent search.

b.  If applicable prepare to file a provisional patent application (it may be better to wait to confirm there is a market and investors for your idea before spending this money).

Week 2

6.  Get your web site set up.  Secure all needed domain names.

7.  Make sure your web site can accept payments.

8.  Develop an executive summary for your company.

9.  Develop a one page business plan – quick, fast, simple.

a.  Make sure your business plan is divided into two parts.

>> (1) First part which creates income and profits immediately.  Should be if possible the same customer intended for the part II product (see below).

>> (2) Second part which develops a grander product with higher profit margins and less competition that takes more money and time.

10.  Develop an investor pitch slide deck.

11.  Develop a company pitch video – no more than 3 minutes preferably 1.5 minutes.

Week 3

12.  Find advisors, co-founders, partners and board members.

a.  Sign up for Startup California

13.  Use input from advisors and software aides to refine business plan and to expand to multi-page more complete plan.

14.  What is your compelling story?  Can you frame your product benefit into a folksy feel good story?  Get the story down right might be the most important thing you ever do in the history of your company.

15.  Who are your memorable characters?  Why should people care about and believe in your team?

Week 4

16.  Develop your social media presence.

a.  LinkedIn page.

b.  Facebook page.

c.  Twitter account.

d.  Google + account.

e.  Blog account.

f.  YouTube Channel.

17.  Post your first blogs.  Get it right.  Start engaging people that are interested in your product or service area of subject.  Start providing free help to people in your interest area.

Week 5

18.  Identify the top 15 bloggers in your industry specific area and write to them and try to cell them to gain a story on your product.

19.  Identify potential affiliates that can help promote your product and contact them and establish an affiliate agreement with them ie; the get a commission for bringing you business.

20.  Write to all journalists in relevant media outlets that cover your story area asking for press coverage.  Follow-up every email with a call.

Week 6

21.   Plan a launch event day for your product and company.

a.  A good launch is like a successful Hollywood movie.

>  A cool exciting video trailer draws your interest in.

>  Your first hear about many weeks in advance.

>  You hear more about it just before the premier.

>  You work hard calling and meeting key people well advance begging them to come to your event.  You followup right before event to confirm they are coming.

>  You let others know the top celebrity like names that will be at your launch event.

>  You see crowds lined up and buzz for the launch premier day and event.

22.   Identify that top 3 trade shows for your product and make a plan to dominate the best of the three ie; banners over entrance escalators, side seminars, target list of opinion leaders you will track down and pitch.

23.   Identify and create action list to secure the support of the top 50 opinion leaders and influencers in your industry.  Write to them and followup with a telephone call.

Week 7

24.  Identify potential marketing partners not previously identified and secured as affiliates in Week 5 and gain their support.

Week 8

25.  Get your company profile posted on, AngelList and all the angel networks you can find.

26.  Sign up to pitch at all the pitch contests you can in your area.

27.  Look up all the startup networking events in your area and go to them and network.

Week 9

28.  Develop a crowdfunding campaign.

a.  What is your Klout score of social media influence?  Get it above 60.

b.  Develop a step by step plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

c.  Choose the right match crowdfunding portal.

d.  Study carefully other successful crowdfunding campaigns.  Think of calling the principals and asking their advice how to make your campaign a success.

e.  Get your crowdfunding video right.

f.  Make sure your offering is a value proposition to believers.

g.  Start engaging your core group of top 50 influencers that will be the key to your success in the campaign.

Week 10

29.  Conduct a self audit of your time – are you spending a balance 50% of your time on creating and 50% on marketing, promotion and networking?

30.  Test market your product with potential buyers, lots of them.  Get their feedback.

31.  Based on their feedback make needed adjustments.  Listen more than you talk in this process.

32.  Update and modify your web site based on the feedback you got from test market customers.

33.  Do test runs of every aspect of your customer experience from engaging to ordering to shipping.

Week 11

34.  Nail down your launch day plan.

35.  Prepare for demo day.  Practice, practice and practice more your 90 second pitch.

36.  Practice with audience members that ask tough questions that put you on the spot.

37.  Make adjustments to your presentation based on feedback.

Week 12

38.  Market the heck out of our DEMO day debut which will be at the end of the week.  Get every potential investor you know to come to the DEMO Day presentation.

38.  Practice, practice, practice and practice more your DEMO day presentation.  Video tape yourself and watch it.

39.  After the DEMO day presentation immediately get on sending follow-up emails to anyone that expressed interest in your company.

40.  Get ready to launch your crowdfunding campaign to get some more money in to continue.

41.  Execute a friends and family convertible debt note capital raise utilizing available software packages.

a.  Look at other creative early stage financing tools such as microloans and microlicensing.

b.  Review SBA loan programs.

c.  Review Export-Import Bank loan programs.

42.  Meet with an attorney to go over legal structure matters and to plan the legal aspects of your Round A financing.

43.  Get working on getting your first customers.  Make sure above all else your first customers are happy.

44.  Turn your first customers into written and video customer testimonials.

45.  Plan the road show for your Round A financing offering.

Weeks 12 to 15.5 are customized based on needs but for the most part focus on landing financing to take the startup to the next stage. 


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Phone: (310) 310-2534
Fax: (310) 310-2534

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