Mentorship & Seed Funding


$150/Month for VIRTUAL OFFICE membership with mentoring support. 1% Equity

•  Same as the $500 per month but without use of the facilities except for the conference room on special occasions only.


Basic Entry Level Membership – $500 a month 3% Equity

•  One cubicle of office space.
•  High speed internet access.
•  High speed copier and fax machine access.
•  Use of receptionist to answer phone.
•  Use of building library.
•  Use of lunchroom including refrigerator.
•  Use of shipping dock.
•  Use of exercise room.
•  Consulting to develop investor slide show and coaching on presentation.
•  Consulting to develop corporate profile.
•  15% Discount at for all your printing needs.
•  20% Discount on GrowThink Business Plan Template Program
•  30% discount on entrepreneur development products.
•  Discounted rates on human services and benefits package management for employees.
•  Discounted volume buying rates on health insurance.
•  Use of conference tables with reservation.
•  Insurance and risk management solutions consulting.
•  Discounted access to management recruitment services.
•  Access to R&D lab for per hour fee $175.
•  Access to Clean Room for per hour fee $350.
•  Access to CFO for $100 per hour.  1st half hour free.
•  Access to Regulatory Consultant $100 per hour.
•  Access to Corporate Lawyer $200 per hour.
•  Access to Patent Attorney $275 per hour.
•  Access to PR Consultant $75 an hour.
•  Access to Grant Writer $75 an hour.
•  Access to Business Plan Development Consultant $100 per hour.
•  Access to medical clinic research rooms $300 per hour.
•  Introduction to angel and VC investors.
•  Science and clinical consultation with experienced personnel. Design of experiments. Clinical trial design.
•  ActSeed Entreprenuer Membership – $250 Annual (over 40% discount from regular price or Lifetime       Membership for $499 (60% discount assuming lifetime = only 3-year term)

Intermediate Level Membership – $3000 a month 6% Equity

•  All the items of basic membership
•  Three cubicles of office space.
•  Assistance in locating distributors for your products and development of marketing.
•  Introductions to angel and VC investors including experienced executive participation in your presentations, if requested.
•  Board of Director of Advisory Board (if no D&O Insurance) participation from experienced executive.
•  Priority access over basic members for conference rooms, R&D lab, clean room and other items.
•  First hour of CFO services each month free of charge.

Advanced Level Membership – $6000 a month 9.9% equity

•  All the items of basic intermediate membership
•  We become founding partners and help daily in all aspects of building your business.
•  We help hire and recruit your whole team working side by side with you.
•  We fully immerse in developing your business plan and helping you to raise capital with all resources at our disposal.
•  Priority access to conference room, clean room , R&D lab and all other services over basic and intermediate members.
•  Full assistance in finding customers and distributors for your product.
•  Full assistance in developing intellectual property strategy.
•  Full assistance in developing advertising & marketing campaign for your products.
•  Two members on your board of directors.


Leonhardt’s Launchpads will:

• Help with business basics
• Networking activities
• Marketing assistance
• High-speed Internet access
• Help with accounting/financial management
• Access to bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs
• Help with presentation skills
• Links to higher education resources
• Links to strategic partners
• Access to angel investors or venture capital
• Comprehensive business training programs
• Advisory boards and mentors
• Management team identification
• Help with business etiquette
• Technology commercialization assistance
• Help with regulatory compliance
• Intellectual property management
• Regulatory & Quality Assurance Assistance – ISO 9002 Certification
• Grant application writing
• Just in time manufacturing systems
• Deming Method Continuous Quality Improvement
• Export marketing and sales
• Shared CFO services
• Business plan development


1531 6th St. Unit 401, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 310-2534
Fax: (310) 310-2534

Leonhardts Launchpads

Leonhardt's Launch Pads is an accelerator which helps serious entrepreneurs bring their innovations to the world. We offer access to mentors and advisers, introductions to investors, incubator space, connections to local talent/resources, and a year round program to help these companies grow.