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Professional Investor Relations, from Pitch to Exit
The industry standard funding application
for angel groups & venture capital funds.


Just Action

We are the first social network for personal growth
You can improve your life if you take action now
Discover and realize your infinite potential…



Growthink helps individuals and organizations worldwide identify and pursue new opportunities, maximize growth and revenues, and fulfill their missions

We are the solution for all of your printing, design & web needs.
We provide today’s business with exceptional quality printing, using revolutionary technology to reduce turn-around time. Most important of all, we specialize in reducing your printing costs.



We have found ways to save you money on your exhibit rentals/purchase, banners, portable exhibits, table top displays, and more. We will work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your budget.


Aubrey Group

Aubrey Group, Inc. is a contract product development and manufacturing company using state-of-the-art technologies to develop new medical devices and biotech instruments.


Merriman & Co



Merriman Capital, Inc.

We are Merriman Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERR) a financial services firm focused on fast-growing companies and their institutional investors. We are committed to growth industry sectors such as CleanTech, Consumer/Internet/Media, Health Care, Natural Resources and Technology.



AUK Tech

Auk Technical Services LTD  (ATS) is an international medical device, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical consulting firm, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California



Howard Rice

Howard Rice is dedicated to excellence in the practice of law—excellence in client service, excellence in performance, excellence in hiring, and excellence in challenging our attorneys with complex and interesting engagements.



Thoits Insurance

Thoits Insurance was established in 1891 as an enterprise of the Thoits family, serving the commercial and personal insurance needs of small business in Palo Alto and the Stanford University community.



Intellimed Consulting was created with a mission to provide customized marketing strategies and services that deliver value through accelerated market adoption of medical device products.



e zassi

e-Zassi is the medical device industry’s first subscription-based, integrated online business network, decision support software and technology marketplace. Launched in 2008 the company was spun out from Zassi Medical Evolutions.


Wolf Communications delivers comprehensive public relations, social media and advertising campaigns for tourism, hospitality, recreation and healthcare industries, as well as government agencies, special events and many other types of businesses. Our integrated marketing strategies drive traffic to your business and keep your services, products, cause, or event top of mind.


Search engine optimization (SEO), cable advertising, radio, television,  internet, print, web design, media planning and anything concerning advertising.

The best ads and reach for your budget. Located in the beautiful Sonoma County wine region,  Santa Rosa, CA


WMi – an objective advisory service to help you obtain complete, coordinated financial advice that considers all aspects of any transaction. Many material aspects are omitted or inadequately explained by promoters, salespeople, agents, brokers, and others who earn their living off of you. WMi goes the extra mile to ensure you have all the facts you need to make informed decisions – scrutinizing existing as well as contemplated financial matters.


Our services and consulting allow clients to focus on core business practices.

SOURCECORP is a business process outsourcing (BPO) and consulting firm that offers solutions and industry expertise to clients throughout the United States that transform their business processes and accelerate business performance.



We have a three part philosphy: progress, probability, and process

We know startups. We’ve founded them, invested in them, and advised them. So we understand just how much progress they can make pursuing opportunities that more established firms don’t even recognize.



ThunderHouse, itself, is an innovation in the Business Communications industry. It is the next generation of new product groups and strategy workshops, focusing exclusively on innovations. It not only strategizes, but also implements the actions it recommends to innovators. ThunderHouse applies its core and enabling competencies to its own business. In essence, ThunderHouse models the approach and processes it recommends and, in effect, will become its own best case history.


Capitol Market Relations

Our services are designed to drive shareholder value. We offer a core suite of services that every company needs to communicate their message. This includes introductions of the company to our network of brokers, analysts, journalists and retail investors.


The Kindheart Lionheart Economic Recovery Plan

Please email the Board of The World Economic Forum at to request that Howard Leonhardt be granted a slot to present the Kindheart Lionheart Economic Recovery Plan at the World Economic Forum January 26-30th, 2011 in Davos, Switzerland.


Founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur, Tyler Jensen, The Startup Garage is a community of business partners, specialists, tools, and business planning services that together with your brilliant business concepts, help bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.




Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin Bioanalytics is the world’s most innovative and complete technology solutions provider for the clinical, logistical and financial management of medical research in the life sciences.

Our company has made drug development smarter, faster and less risky thanks to its pioneering means for integrating and presenting live data through a single interface of all clinical data from all possible sources — including investigator sites, diagnostics, IXRS, patient diaries and drug supply chains.


Grant Writing

We provide program, training and resource development services including:
• Strategic program, organizational, and community-wide planning, marked by keen judgment in complex political situations
• Grant writing for nonprofits and government agencies, accurately expressing the essence of your work
• Overall fund development planning including earned income strategies, direct mail, donor cultivation and publications programs.

We bring an analytic & systematic approach and the ability to interweave global vision with concrete detail.


West Side Public Relations

Founded in 1999, Westside has developed successful programs for many leading healthcare companies. We develop and execute strategic marketing solutions through print, digital and social media. Our clients include information technology companies, hospitals, medical groups and financial services providers.



Since 1986, Bromley Printing has evolved into a unique and successful printing company with a simple concept – putting our customers first. Many companies say this, but don’t do it. We live by it and that is why we are still doing business with our very first customers today.



We are a team of 14 senior financial and investment professionals.  We develop robust financial models for the investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and corporate finance industries.  Every member of our team has an average of 12 years on Wall Street.



At Revolution we believe many industries are on the brink of disruptive change, driven by new technological possibilities as well as demographic and  psychographic trends.  We build insurgent companies to capitalize on the nascent opportunities. We scout for innovative new products and breakthrough  ways of doing things that are currently undiscovered, under-financed or undone. We aim to transform markets by shifting power to consumers.



As a health care organization in the 21st century, we have a mission–to provide quality care for our members and their families, and to contribute to the well-being of our communities.


Don’t spend more by picking the wrong plan!  Let “The HSA Team” help you determine the insurance plan that’s right for you at no additional cost! Our expert advice is free.

You’ll pay the same rate if you applied on your own directly with a carrier.  So let us help you – we can often save you more money by making sure you have the most affordable plan that fits your needs.

Our  goal is to provide you with great coverage and save you money.  Just give us a call.  We represent you, the customer, not the carrier.


In addition to being a vibrant community where one can share, i-Meet is a marketplace where planners can connect,communicate, and receiveinformation that is current, creative and advantageous.

Membership is FREE, and the power of i-Meet is limited only by your imagination! is a broadcasting website where Fashion meets Finance. Merging two mainstream industries results in an unique platform for investors to receive today’s hottest tips and market info delivered through a less traditional, more attractive and entertaining vehicle – enter our ‘Financial Models.’


LibreDigital has been selected as an Apple Approved eBook Aggregator for the Apple iBookstore, and for good reason: LibreDigital has already delivered thousands of eBooks to the iBookstore on behalf of some of the largest book publishers in the world.


Get trained on regulations affecting your industry through online webinars, learn the best practices, and download quality standards, checklists and news articles. Listen to experts on best practices to streamline quality and compliance processes and meet the regulatory demands.


The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean will act as a hub for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our mission is to offer practical business skills, access to coaches to offer guidance, mentors to share their experiences and financing opportunities to enable growth. It will support the development of small and growing businesses and job creation in the Caribbean with an emphasis on tourism related businesses with strong financial, social and environmental credentials.


At its core, medical technology is about innovation.  It’s about companies with big ideas working to transform healthcare through earlier disease detection, less invasive procedures and more effective treatments.



University of Northern California excepts credits from Mini-MBA and Evening & Weekend MBA programs at UCLA and Cal Berkeley towards full MBA or Masters of Science in Bioentrepreneurship (MSc)


Why is a Regulation D securities offering critical to effectively raising capital from investors? Many companies seeking private capital make the mistake of using only their business plan as a funding vehicle. While business plans are an important facet of raising capital, they are not designed to properly raise capital from individual investors.


Founded in 1991, Innovative Business Solutions, Inc. combines a unique selection of payroll service products, with an extraordinary commitment to customer service. Clients can choose from a simple payroll and tax service only application, to a fully-integrated Human Resource Management System, featuring Personnel Tracking, Time and Attendance Reporting, Payroll Processing, Labor Costing, and Benefits Administration.


About Us- Express IPO Capital – Our mission is to provide our clients, including start ups, early stage development or foreign companies, with the services that will assist them in the “first step” in becoming a public company. Our below market fees are possible because we utilize our in-house experienced professionals. Our professionals have been through this process a number of times and do the majority of the work. In addition, we specialize in the following areas only, the Pink Sheets, the OTC:BB, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Specializing allows us to streamline the “going public” process to maximize efficiency and keep costs low to the benefit of our clients.


Speed, Quality and Accuracy with Every Hire

Since our establishment in 1976, we have set the highest standards for the recruiting industry. Our specialized practice groups of globally recognized professionals earn the respect of our clients and candidates through consistent performance.


What is SitePal?

SitePal is an easy-to-use service that allows you to create a speaking avatar for your website and empower your online communication.

SitePal is a fun and powerful tool.

Create your SitePal today and enhance your website!


BioMedExperts is a new online community that connects biomedical researchers to each other through the display and analysis of the networks of co-authors with whom each investigator works to publish scientific papers. The comprehensive system of pre-populated expert profiles, coupled with the ability to analyze all associated professional connections within the co-author network, allows scientists and researchers across organizations the ability to share data and collaborate in ways never before considered.


The Small Business Exporters Association (SBEA) is the largest and oldest nonprofit association in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to small- and mid-size business exporters in the United States.

Who We Are

Our president and board of directors have the experience, wisdom and passion to help guide the future of small business in the exporting industry.

What We Do

SBEA encourages the promotion and growth of exporting U.S. goods and services produced by U.S. based small and mid-size businesses. Through advocacy and education SBEA seeks to make this goal a wide-spread reality.

What Others are Saying

SBEA is vital to securing small business a position in the international trade sector. See what our members are saying about SBEA and the value they get from membership.


Become an Under30CEO Member

Young Entrepreneurs: alone we are nothing. Our generation is hungry; to do what we love, to make impact and to take control of our future. At Under30CEO we start and grow our businesses together.

You’ve probably been to our Events, Webinars and read our globally syndicated content…

Irving Levin Associates is the leading publisher of merger and acquisition data on the seniors housing and health care industry. For over 60 years, Levin Associates has been providing Wall Street investors, senior care providers and health care executives with timely, accurate and reliable market intelligence on mergers and acquisitions, mortgage financing, private placements, IPOs and secondary offerings, as well as seminal information on growth strategies and best practices for the industry. The firm publishes three monthly newsletters: The SeniorCare Investor, The Health Care M&A Monthly and Senior Living Business. In addition, the firm issues a quarterly report and two annual reports on the health care and senior care acquisition markets. We also maintain an online database, Deal Search Online, of health care mergers and acquisitions for the past decade.


The Future Shape of the Winner:

* Leaders who create places where people

* can do the best work of their lives

* People whose work creates more value for customers than competitors think possible

* Systems that support seamless execution

* and promote Wow! Outcomes

Practical help for busy managers from

Tom Peters Company!



Robin is the founder of Sharma Leadership International Inc. (SLI), a global consultancy with a single focus: to help organizations develop employees Lead Without a Title. SLI’s clients include many of the best companies on the planet such as GE Nike IBM FedEx Microsoft GlaxoSmithKline Ritz-Carlton Hotels Turk Telekom Panasonic Dorchester Collection The Royal Bank of Scotland Yale University.



Partner International’s goal is to complement and supplement our clients’ business development needs by providing instant access to our industry experts, our proprietary database and vast global network. We provide high-end outsourced business development services companies who need to expedite growth and secure transactions.



Interim and part-time finance help for interesting startups.

Many startups need an interim or part-time CFO to balance out the founding team and bring a quantitative, financial lens to the business. We’ve been the “numbers guy” (aka consigliere / wingman / sidekick / quant jock) in several startups, and we are excited to bring this experience to you.




Most people have considered to go on business for their own at one point in their life. A lot of them have big dreams, plans for their personal ambitions or brilliant business ideas. Some just want to assure enough income to support their families. All of them have plans and enlist help. But the vast majority never gets anywhere. Because the most difficult part in any businesses is to have the right business that fits entrepreneur’s current level of skills, knowledge and resources.


grantsgovlogo is your source to FIND and APPLY for federal grants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for, an initiative that is having an unparalleled impact on the grant community.


investedinlogo is a flexible and easy-to-use crowdfunding platform for raising contributions online. users can launch a fundraising campaign in minutes, completely customized with their own branding and under their own terms. Join the community of entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profits today at



Microventures capital model allows investors to fund startup opportunities not typically available outside a traditional venture capital structure.

Using its online peer-to-peer investment service, MicroVentures creates additional investment opportunities for investors looking to make smaller commitments by pooling and connecting them with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses looking to raise money.



Ongoing consulting from identifying prospective overseas Buyers, assessing their creditworthiness, working with your bank or finding a bank to work with, assistance with payment aspects of contract negotiation, risk mitigation and effecting payment.



ZimpleMoney is a social finance community that connects people with common financial interests, and provides online tools for managing financial relationships in a socially networked environment.

Zimply put, ZimpleMoney takes the headache out of tracking and monitoring private financial agreements- loan documents, payment processing, direct deposits, reminder emails, as well as gift and tax reporting—all in a social network so you can easily keep everyone up to date and informed.



NewSchools Venture Fund seeks to transform public educationby supporting passionate education entrepreneurs who are working to provide all children – especially those in underserved communities – with excellent academic opportunities. Throughout the country, these innovators’ powerful new ideas for empowering students, families and teachers are achieving dramatic results and redefining our sense of what is possible.



“BUSINESS WORLD NEWS” has featured some of the most powerful figures in American business and politics – people like Intel Corp. founder Andrew Grove and U.S. Senators and Congressmen such as Jay Rockefellerand Bill Thomas. It has helped influence the passage of national legislation, and may well have caused the stock of {numerous companies} to hit a 52-week high. It is hosted by Emmy-winning broadcasters {and field reporters worldwide} and appears on…selected CBS affiliate stations and {major cable and satellite networks, airlines, cruise lines, etc…}. Lending further credibility to the show are the heavy hitters who have appeared, such as Grove and Rockefeller, as well as former David E. Kelley Productions President Jeffrey Kramer and high-level executives from BOEING, MOTOROLA and IBM. Each potential spotlight candidate is screened through TVA’s editorial committee, which is made up of “award-winning journalists, writers, producers, directors, editors, and P.R. execs…”



We are consultants to:

  • Start-up companies and Fortune 500 companies
  • Privately and publicly held companies
  • Therapeutic medical device companies
  • In vitro and in vitro diagnostic device companies
  • US, EU, and Japanese-based companies
  • Consulting organizations



The project was conceived by Matthew Wise, who wondered what it would have been like to watch raw video footage of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other tech founders during their formative years. When Larry and Sergey were building Google, Matthew was in the jungles of Southeast Asia working as a Naval Corpsman (combat medic) with the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force.

Back then video wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today, and hardware costs were very expensive.  Fast-forward to the present and you have HD video cameras for less than $200, and the world is an aspiring filmmaker’s oyster. Combine this with the vibrant start-up scene that’s exploding today, and it’s really the perfect time to build a service like FounderLY.


Law For Change

LawForChange is a unique legal resource for people and organizations dedicated to improving lives and bringing about positive social change.  This site combines in one place a broad menu of legal information prepared by leading law firms and lawyers specifically tailored to the needs of social entrepreneurs and innovators, social enterprises, charities, community organizations,  philanthropies, faith-based organizations and all manner of nonprofit organizations (collectively referred to as “social sector organizations”).



Assistly pulls all your customer service conversations into one collaborative desktop where service requests through traditional and social channels are collected, prioritized, and handled by your team. No more bouncing from screen to screen, no more juggling multiple apps. All your customer service takes place in one cleanly-designed desktop. Whether your customers need assistance by email, phone, Twitter, or chat, every employee has the means to help.



Get 50-80% discount on software, web apps, tools, ebooks, gadgets and much more. Grow your online business faster with



Your FundingKey Advisors, LLC specializes in packaging and positioning companies currently experiencing growth and ready to attract capital. We work with you to learn your story, your product and your marketability. That information is taken and we then package and present you in a way that will be attractive to investors.



A dynamic business community for new and emerging companies.
Startups and early stage companies.
Not just high-tech, but ALL industries.
Throughout the US and even globally.

The ActSeed community is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, economic development agencies, educational institutions, incubators and all people who want to contribute to disciplined business-building and reduce the unacceptably high failure rate of small businesses.



Thrust Fund is at the dawning of a new age in social capital. Faith in ‘the people’ rather than ‘the idea’, gets Funders straight to the point. We connect social entrepreneurs with a new breed of individuals that believe in the power of one, where returns are measured over a lifetime.



Solutions that “matter”

The business world is changing at breakneck speed. Social media, interactive marketing and measurable media have become the driving forces behind effective strategies for business results.



Life Science Angels, Inc. (LSA) is the premier angel investment group focused solely on biotechnology and medical device companies. It was established by senior life science executives and experienced angel investors to meet the need for seed and early stage funding for life science companies that is often not available from venture capitalists or individual investors. By identifying promising investment opportunities and bringing together members who add sector-specific experience, broad networks, and financial backing, Life Science Angels is able to assist emerging companies to position themselves for later-round venture-backed funding.



Business owners and just about anyone that needs some traction for projects will find a solution at Peer Backers given the crowfunding platform it offers. With Peer Backers, it will be possible to “back” business and projects ideas through collective engagement and funding. Their crowdfunding site is 100% dedicated to helping entrepreneurs raise the capital they need to launch or grow their business. There is no fee to post and the model is based on entrepreneurs giving their “backers” a tangible reward in exchange for their contribution (so they do not have to take on debt or give up equity).



At Blue Door Lab we offer affordable rates with different plans for every budget. We wanted a community work space that was affordable but not cheap..Cheap can be cheesy and we definitely are not cheesy. So check out our rates, get really excited and come on in!



Manage all of your business legal needs.
A complete legal service, from start to finish.

Rocket Lawyer was founded in 2008 to provide easy and affordable legal services to everyone. For business owners, Rocket Lawyer helps manage all the legal aspects of running your company, saving you time and money with convenient and affordable legal plans.



The Cutting Edge Capital Solution

Cutting Edge Capital provides small and mid-sized businesses with the information, tools, and expertise they need to raise capital in a way that fits with their unique business model and long-term goals.

As experienced business lawyers, entrepreneurs, and finance experts, the CEC team has identified capital raising strategies that allow businesses to solicit non-traditional sources of funding.  In addition to being a great way to raise capital, these strategies allow businesses to build public support and recognition at the same time they are raising funds.



We want to help you be successful and see your dreams come true.

From Patent to Profit inventors have produced more income than all of the invention companies and patent mills combined!


Blueseed aims to solve this problem so that Silicon Valley remains the world’s center for innovation. Our team is creating a high-tech visa-free entrepreneurship and technology incubator on an ocean vessel in international waters.



LaunchSquad takes a handcrafted approach to PR, working with each of our clients to build a customized program to achieve the specific objectives required. From new product and company launches, to creating sharp positioning platforms, to developing trusted, long-term media relationships, we do “whatever it takes” to help our clients make a name for themselves, grow their businesses and become market leaders.



Turn your invoices into cash.
* Take control of working capital with a fast and flexible solution
* Set your own financing terms, with no personal guarantees
* Access capital affordably – get as much as 99 cents on the dollar



We’re selective. Our performance-based approach doesn’t work for every business. We only partner with companies that have the potential for scalable results from fully managed campaigns.
We’re proud of our expertise and proven track record of growing our clients’ online sales efforts.  We’d love to talk with you about whether your business is a good fit for a professionally managed performance marketing campaign.



For every business idea there is an optimal path that, if followed, will maximize the potential of the idea using the least amount of time and money. Deviation from the optimal path costs the entrepreneur additional time and money. For any new business idea it is extremely important that an entrepreneur aligns their decisions and actions to stay as close to the optimal path as possible. presents the concepts and principles to help an entrepreneur discover their optimal path.



LaunchCapital Ventures provides seed funding for businesses that have exponential growth expectations with a national or international reach. We syndicate over 90% of our deals with local angel investors and venture capitalists.  We will take on an active role with our portfolio companies depending on the needs and nature of the business.



OpenX Market is an ad exchange where buyers such as ad networks, agencies, demand side platforms, supply side platforms, yield optimizers and brands purchase the inventory of quality website publishers. Inventory on OpenX Market works well for both branding and performance campaigns.



West Jordan, Utah-based proHR is a national HR management service. We specialize in the HR needs of small-to-midsized businesses who work within the Web-based and technology driven sectors. We understand that nothing is more critical to the success of your business than the effective management of your most important asset – human capital.



Welcome to, a group of socially-connected individuals that together, help launch startups. As a member of Wahooly, you’ll be presented with up to 200 startups throughout 2012. If you like what they do and if you think that they have the potential to be the next big thing, you become a user.


1531 6th St. Unit 401, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 310-2534
Fax: (310) 310-2534

Leonhardts Launchpads

Leonhardt's Launch Pads is an accelerator which helps serious entrepreneurs bring their innovations to the world. We offer access to mentors and advisers, introductions to investors, incubator space, connections to local talent/resources, and a year round program to help these companies grow.