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Steve Jobs, Apple CEO 2005 Stanford commencement speech

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The #1 Rule of Speaking

Written by Dave Lavinsky
Categories: Dave Lavinsky
Last year I watched a seminar given by public speaking coach Patricia Fripp.
In it, she repeated the phrase, “We speak to be remembered and repeated” over and over again.
And I think she’s right. We do speak to be remembered and repeated. After you speak with an investor, or a prospective customer, or an employee, would you like them to immediately forget what you told them?  Or would you like them to clearly remember what you said, spread the word about you, and take whatever desired actions you asked them to do. Clearly, you want the latter.
Unfortunately, few entrepreneurs speak to be remembered and repeated. Rather, most have so much to say that they rant uncontrollably.
I get this all the time. Whenever I’m at a party and an entrepreneur finds out what I do for a living, he or she starts to talk my ear off about their idea.
Now, I love what I do and I love listening to and helping entrepreneurs. But what I don’t love it when 100 words can be replaced with 10, or a 5-minute company description can be shortened down to 30 seconds.
The key is this; you MUST spend however long it takes to create a concise, easy-to-remember elevator pitch for your company. If not, it’s going to cost you dearly. You will turn off investors, partners, customers, and employees among others.
This is because in today’s fast paced environment, no one’s going to invest the time to listen to your full presentation or read your full business plan if they don’t get it right away.
Here are two exercises I recently developed to help you create an elevator pitch that others can “remember” and “repeat”:
1. Tell your pitch to a child and then have them repeat it back to you. One of my Crowdfunding clients read his originally highly complex business summary to his 6-year old granddaughter. The 6-year old repeated back a concise summary that anyone in the world can immediately understand. We went with the 6-year old version.
2. Try to develop a 30-second television spot. I recently worked on a 30-second television spot where I tried to explain who I am, what I was offering, and what I wanted the audience to do next. In doing this I put together 10 extremely brief PowerPoint slides. I then read the slides aloud and timed it. It took 53 seconds. Getting it down to 30 seconds was serious work. But the result was a really concise message.
Try doing the same thing. Put together a draft 30-second commercial. What would you want your audience to learn? To remember? To repeat? And to do after watching your commercial? If you can achieve this in 30-seconds it will help with every aspect of your business. And start teaching you to be more concise, more memorable and more impactful.

5 Steps to Achieving Success with Video Marketing

Start-Up Company Assessment Worksheet

Steve Jobs does not sell computers; he sells an experience. The same holds true for his presentations that are meant to inform, educate, and entertain. An Apple presentation has all the elements of a great theatrical production—a great script, heroes and villains, stage props, breathtaking visuals, and one moment that makes the price of admission well worth it. Here are the five elements of every Steve Jobs presentation. Incorporate these elements into your own presentations to sell your product or ideas the Steve Jobs way.
1. A headline. Steve Jobs positions every product with a headline that fits well within a 140-character Twitter <>  post. For example, Jobs described the MacBook Air as “the world’s thinnest notebook.” That phrase appeared on his presentation slides, the Apple Web site, and Apple’s press releases at the same time. What is the one thing you want people to know about your product? This headline must be consistent in all of your marketing and presentation material.
2. A villain. In every classic story, the hero fights the villain. In 1984, the villain, according to Apple, was IBM (IBM <> ). Before Jobs introduced the famous 1984 television ad to the Apple sales team for the first time, he told a story of how IBM was bent on dominating the computer industry. “IBM wants it all and is aiming its guns on its last obstacle to industry control: Apple.” Today, the “villain” in Apple’s narrative is played by Microsoft (MSFT <> ). One can argue that the popular “I’m a Mac” television ads are hero/villain vignettes. This idea of conquering a shared enemy is a powerful motivator and turns customers into evangelists.
3. A simple slide. Apple products are easy to use because of the elimination of clutter. The same approach applies to the slides in a Steve Jobs presentation. They are strikingly simple, visual, and yes, devoid of bullet points. Pictures are dominant. When Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, no words could replace a photo of a hand pulling the notebook computer out of an interoffice manila envelope. Think about it this way—the average PowerPoint slide has 40 words. In some presentations, Steve Jobs has a total of seven words in 10 slides. And why are you cluttering up your slides with too many words?
4. A demo. Neuroscientists have discovered that the brain gets bored easily. Steve Jobs doesn’t give you time to lose interest. Ten minutes into a presentation he’s often demonstrating a new product or feature and having fun doing it. When he introduced the iPhone at Macworld 2007, Jobs demonstrated how Google Maps (GOOG <> ) worked on the device. He pulled up a list of Starbucks (SBUX <> ) stores in the local area and said, “Let’s call one.” When someone answered, Jobs said: “I’d like to order 4,000 lattes to go, please. No, just kidding.”
5. A holy smokes moment. Every Steve Jobs presentation has one moment that neuroscientists call an “emotionally charged event.” The emotionally charged event is the equivalent of a mental post-it note that tells the brain, Remember this! For example, at Macworld 2007, Jobs could have opened the presentation by telling the audience that Apple was unveiling a new mobile phone that also played music, games, and video. Instead he built up the drama. “Today, we are introducing three revolutionary products. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device…an iPod, a phone, an Internet communicator…an iPod, a phone, are you getting it? These are not three devices. This is one device!” The audience erupted in cheers because it was so unexpected, and very entertaining. By the way, the holy smokes moment on Sept. 9 had nothing to do with a product. It was Steve Jobs himself appearing onstage for the first time after undergoing a liver transplant.
One more thing…sell dreams. Charismatic speakers like Steve Jobs are driven by a nearly messianic zeal to create new experiences. When he launched the iPod in 2001, Jobs said, “In our own small way we’re going to make the world a better place.” Where most people saw the iPod as a music player, Jobs recognized its potential as a tool to enrich people’s lives. Cultivate a sense of mission. Passion, emotion, and enthusiasm are grossly underestimated ingredients in professional business communications, and yet, passion and emotion will motivate others. Steve Jobs once said that his goal was not to die the richest man in the cemetery. It was to go to bed at night thinking that he and his team had done something wonderful. Do something wonderful. Make your brand stand for something meaningful.
For more of Job’s techniques, flip through this slide show <>

The Kauffman Foundation is working to further understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, to advance entrepreneurship education and training efforts, to promote entrepreneurship-friendly policies, and to better facilitate the commercialization of new technologies by entrepreneurs and others, which have great promise for improving the economic welfare of our nation.

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